I would love to bring the kingdom of happiness to you! Here are some reactions I got after playing:

"It was really really awesome this concert! I wanted to dance all the way through. You have a really beautiful stage presence. Your talks between songs were really well done. Really, it was a beautiful night, nobody wanted it to stop! I wish you a beautiful success" - Tiphaine

"Bravo Claire, and bravo to all the musicians! It was a real moment of happiness! Very inspired, "incarnated", and beautifully performed! Long live Queen Clairie!" - Daphne

"She has the talent to bring her audience onboard her happiness kingdom" - Fredonia

"Claire is a beautiful singer, with a superbe voice, superbe stage presence, she loves what she does and gives us this will and envy to follow her" - Martine

"What a wonderful concert! You are magnificent on stage!! And those musics! And those musicians! And your songs! And this piano! And all of you!!!" - Juliette

"You have been incredible yesterday, really! I was so proud to be in the room for this beautiful concert. You will go far, be sure about it! Your compositions are awesome, the musicality is beautiful, I really really loved it  And you have a line up of musicians soooo talented and incredible" - Nacera

"What a ball of energy and talent, and what a determination in her" - Gaelle

"A big Bravo to Queen Clairie. You moved us to tears, we were blown away and were asking for more! It was all superbe and your stage presence, behind your piano, was magnificent! When are you playing again?" - Bea


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